The Stages of Beard Growth!

The Stages of Beard Growth!


You’re ready to brave the plunge and go for an awesome new look by sporting an awesome beard. But, wait! it won’t happen overnight. Here’s your roadmap to full-on hairy success!


Stage 1: Stubble and More Stubble (week 0-2)

At first, it feels liberating. Yay, time to stop shaving! But before you grow out of the stubble phase, it will take a few days depending on how fast your facial hair grows and your hair colour. The darker it is, the faster it grows. You’re a Blonde Viking God? You’re probably looking at a two-week waiting period to start seeing any semblance of a beard.

This is the phase where your face will be the itchiest! Time to start using that good beard oil, and a boar bristle brush to calm that scratchy sensation. Use the brush five minutes before you get washed to remove dead skin, exfoliate and stimulate blood flow to your beard. Once you’re in the shower, wash your beard with a good beard wash, formulated without sulfates, that will leave your skin well hydrated.

Apply the beard oil after the shower to lock-in moisture on your skin, soften your beard and make sure you smell great, too!

Stage 2: Growing Gains (week 2-5)

This is the tricky one, and the phase where most guys give up. Your beard looks awful. Patchy, itchy, weird.

This is also when you will have the dreaded temptation to give in and shave it all off because ‘you can’t grow a beard’. Wrong! You can and you will. Just give yourself some time.

Stage 3: Start Shaping (week 5-8)

No, not shaving. SHAPING!

You stopped shaving, dealt with the itch by using great products, and overcome the weird patchiness. But now you have to go back to the razor.

Why? Well, beards are kind of a fashion statement and, as such, they need to be groomed to look great! So now’s the time to start giving some kick-ass shape to that new beard of yours. Essentially, how far do you want your beard to grow down?

Trimming the neckline is a bit tricky because you want it to look as natural as possible. According to our Brave & Bearded pros, the best length is one inch above the Adam’s Apple to the outer edge of your sidebeard under the ends of your jawline under your ears. once you have found your sweet spots, shave off all the hair below that neckline and you’re set!

Stage 4: Maintenance, Man (week 8-12)

Tap yourself on the back, bro. You have a beard now! Although the worst is behind you, you’re not out of the woods. Yet.

The next stage is all about upkeep. Because in the next few days, some areas of your beard will end up looking a bit wild. And the only way to deal with that is with proper maintenance.

Time to start using beard balm and proper brush to keep all that hard-earned hair under control.

And the rest is up to you!


Be Brave don’t Shave!



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