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Our shower gel is a high-quality formula for the beard, body and hair. 

Brave & Bearded prides itself on the quality ingredients. Mindful of the adverse effects that certain ingredients can have on the skin, B&B uses only natural organic plant extracts thereby providing natural moisture and leaving an invigorating fragrance. Each plant and essential oils we include in our products have been carefully selected to create a superior product. Our goal is to provide you with only the highest-quality made from all-natural ingredients available. Burdock and nettles are known respectively for their purifying and toning properties. Nettle has elements while purifying burdock address toning. The latter is rich in nutrients and produces a calming effect on the skin and sensitive hair. We use it in our products for its active contribution to the growth of the hair and the quality of regrowth.

Nettle is also a powerful tonic for the hair, skin and the system in general. Energizing and restorative, it gives strength and vitality to the hair thanks to its vitamins and minerals. This is your beard's best friend. The nourishment it provides will make your beard dazzle.

Rich in tannins, rosemary stimulates, invigorates, and produces a sense of elation and well-being.


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