Beard Styles: Choosing the Right Facial Hair Style!

Beard Styles

You’ve put a lot of effort into growing your majestic beard, whether it be small or long, and now you look at yourself in the mirror asking: “I’ve grown it, but, what now?” We’ll tell what’s about to happen, you’re going to choose a beard style! How exciting!

If you’re reading this article and you haven’t started growing your beard, give yourself at least 2-3 months of growth to see what you have to work with to gauge what style you can or want to go for.

Let’s assume you’re ready and let’s dive right into the subject!


1. Types of faces
2. Beard Styles
3. Patchy Beard Styles
4. Short Beard Styles
5. Medium Beard Styles
6. Long Beard Styles
7. Importance of the Type of Beard You Have
8. Tips To Control A Bushy/Curly Beard
9. Conclusion


Types of faces

Different types of faces

Although you can rock any type of beard you like, some beard styles suit some types of faces better. For example, if you have a round face, you might not want to go for a beard style that is more rounded, like the full beard, or even the Garibaldi. Instead, choose a style that is more squared, that will complement your facial features, like the short boxed beard or the corporate beard. This isn’t an obligation of course, it’s a free world, grow what you want, don’t let anybody tell you otherwise!

I digress…

The idea is to choose a facial hair style that complements your facial features. As you’re going through the list of beard styles, keep that in mind (or don’t).


Beard styles

Now it’s time to choose your beard style. We arbitrarily separated the categories according to length in order to make it easier for you to ingest all of this. We only selected a few styles to put in this article for brevity’s sake, you can find the rest on our Ultimate Beard Growth Guide, as well as tons of useful info.


Patchy beard styles

Man with balbo beard style

It’s not because you have a patchy beard that you shouldn’t let it grow to its full potential, you can most definitely pull something off! Remember that most bearded men do have patchy areas, they just let their beard grow enough to cover them, it’s all about styling. If your cheeks simply don’t grow hair, you can still explore the realm of goatees.

Man with balbo beard styleMan with goatee beard style

Or if it’s the opposite for you and you can’t grow a moustache, you can still look into sideburns and its various variations. Such variety!

Man with sideburns beard style

Man with Wolverine beard style

Man with Dutch beard style

If you can cover your patchier areas, then take a look at the other beard styles, a whole world of opportunity awaits you!


Short beard styles

Man with short beard style

More into a short beard style? That’s awesome, you seem to know what you want! Short beards typically cover your beard area, without departing from your face. To be arbitrary again, anything under half an inch is considered a short beard. In order to keep it short, it’s important to groom it often, to remove the stray hairs that can make it look unkempt. Short beard styles are usually the easiest to maintain because you can just use an electric trimmer with a guard and equalize the length.

Man with long stubble beard style

Man with hollywoodian beard style

Man with short boxed beard style

Medium beard styles

Man with medium length beard style

Medium beard styles typically are between short and long styles, as you may already know. If you didn’t know, now you know. All jokes aside, when the hairs have started to depart from your face (usually after half an inch of length), that’s when you know your beard isn’t THAT short anymore. You’ve leveled up!

This is the point where your beard starts getting more versatile in terms of style. You can go for rounder looks, pointier ones, squarer. You now have enough facial hair to start getting nods of approval from other bearded men.

 Man with full beard style

 Man with ducktail beard style

Man with corporate beard style

Long beard styles

Man with long beard style

Having a long beard takes a lot of dedication, as you may already know. For some, it might take a really long time to grow a long beard, you have your genetics to blame for that. However, just treat your beard well by using high-quality products to make sure it gets all the nutrients it needs to keep growing.

At this point, you can pretty much have any style of beard you want, remember that you’ll just need to maintain it to remove the split-ends and keep it tidy.

Man with Verdi beard style

Man with yeard beard style

Importance of the type of beard you have

Close-up of beard hair

An aspect of beard growth that isn’t discussed much is the importance of understanding what type of beard you have. Those with thin and straight hairs will have an easier time getting the style they want, as their beard is much easier to tame and style.

Those with curly and bushy beards might have a bit more trouble, especially if the hairs are really thick. Rest assured, you can still get your preferred facial hair style, it will just need a bit more work.


Tips to control a bushy/curly beard

In order to get your dream beard style, there are a few things you can do. Let’s go over them:

Use a sulfate-free shampoo

Sulfate-free beard shampoo

Conventional hair shampoos contain sulfate, a type of salt, that will dry up your facial hair. Although it is useful for your hair to remove silicone often found in conditioners, it won’t be of much use to your beard. Our beard shampoo will help soften your beard and nourish it, which will, in turn, make your beard more tameable.


Use a hair dryer and a round brush

Hair dryer for beard

When your beard dries it often contracts, taking away some of your length. When you get out of the shower, use a hair dryer to remove the moisture from your beard and use a round brush to fight the curls. This will allow you to get more length. We know many bearded men that use a straightening iron to get even more length, but that won’t resonate with everyone. If it does with you, try it out, you might really like the results!


Use a proper beard brush

Big beard brush for untangling

After drying your beard, you can use a big beard brush. Ours is made with synthetic bristles to untangle the hairs and boar bristles to redistribute the oils evenly across your beard. This brush will reach in your beard in the areas the round brush couldn’t go.



There is a myriad of beard styles to choose from, heck, you could even create your own! The important thing to note is that you have to give yourself a sufficient amount of time to let your facial hair grow out, then you need to have the proper tools to control your man mane, especially if it’s thick and curly.

Look out for our following article about Beard Styling, we’ll go in depth on how to carefully style your beard.

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