Will Shaving My Beard Make It Grow Faster?

Will Shaving My Beard Make It Grow Faster? 

Some guys have bulking and shredding season. At Brave & Bearded, we have growth and trimming season. If you're looking to grow your beard out by any means necessary, forget about shaving and starting from scratch. The old legend that shaving will make your hair grow faster is just that - a legend!


1. Does Shaving Make Your Hair Grow Thicker?
2. What Can I Do To Make My Beard Grow Faster & More Full
2.1 Keep Your Skin & Hair Healthy
2.2 Use Beard Balm To Make Your Beard Seem Thicker
2.3 Take Good Care of Yourself
3. Conclusion

Does shaving make your hair grow thicker? 


"Yes, it works! Every time I shave, my beard grows back with a vengeance!"


In all actuality, what you're experiencing is just an illusion. Hair tapers as it grows, which explains why the hair at the bottom of your beard is thinner and softer than the stubble of new growth. When you shave, you're exposing the middle of a strand of hair, the thickest and most coarse part. At first, the new growth will appear thicker and darker, but with time, it will all taper off just the same. Shaving your beard doesn't affect thickness, texture, or growth rate in the long haul. But if you'd like to shave it all off and grow from the ground up just for kicks, don't let us stop you!


What can I do to make my beard grow faster and more full?


So, what does work? For the most part, your genetic makeup controls just how fast your hair will grow. Some people fill out a beard with the velocity of a Fast and Furious movie, while others are slow growers. No shame in your game! If you're anxious to fill out a beard or see some new growth, there are a few things you can do.



Keep your skin and hair healthy

Beard growth starts at the source. Healthy skin and healthy hair go hand in hand. Keeping your pores clean and unclogged allows fast, unhindered growth. A cleanser, boar bristle brush, and quality beard oil are the best beard care products for your toolkit. Warm water and a mild cleanser followed by deep moisturization every morning and evening will create the perfect beard-growing environment. Removing dead skin cells with a bristle brush will stimulate growth and prevent ingrown hairs, which can cause unevenness. Aim for a good scrub and brush about once a week to keep things moving.


Use beard balm to make your beard seem thicker

Beard growth and thickness is dictated by your genetics, and there’s not much you can do to make your beard thicker. However, there is one thing that helps at making it seem like your beard is thicker, and that is beard balm. Our beard balm is sculpting beard balm that works best with longer beards (1+ inch). You put a dime-sized amount in your palms by scratching it off with your thumb’s nail and melt it by rubbing your hands together. When it is oily, reach in your beard to coat the hairs with balm and finish on the outside of your beard. When it dries, it will give more volume to your beard, and allow you to control those darn stray hairs. Plus, it will make your beard really soft, your partner will love it!


Take good care of yourself

All the exfoliating and cleansing in the world won't mean a thing if you're not taking care of yourself. Getting your eight hours in and drinking plenty of water are both essential to hair growth. Sleep lets your skin rest, giving damaged cells a chance to repair themselves while you’re deep in a REM cycle. And by staying on top of your sleep cycle, you’re reducing your chances of losing hair through stress. 



Long story short, shaving your beard will only get rid of hair, not make it grow faster in the long run. If you want to see growth, let your beard be! Allowing your hair to grow untouched for four to six weeks will yield the best results. That means no trimming and shaping. And no shaving so ''Be Brave don't Shave!''

Stay brave! 

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