Even though we can’t make promises, here are some tips to help you achieve a manly, well-kept beard.

First, you need an idea of the type of beard you want, and, most importantly, what your hair follicles are able to produce. Yes, you will have to leave aside that razor for a while and resist the temptation to trim or style any facial hair for the first four to six weeks. This is the time it takes for the average beard to grow in evenly.


But that’s not all.

Once you get to a decent length of facial hair, the biggest mistake is to let your beard grow wild without any type of maintenance. Big no, no.

Trimming is necessary to get that handsome beard, no matter what the length. Remember: beards come in all shapes and sizes and, if well maintained, they all rock. Not sure you can trim it yourself? Then let your bro, the barber, take care of that, particularly for neck and cheek lines.

Once the hair on your face starts showing some consistent coverage, it’s time to start grooming.

If you want your beard to look epic, you need to start using specially-crafted beard care products like beard oil and beard balm to moisturize and condition your beard and facial skin.

And don’t forget to give your beard a good washing every day with a gentle, yet efficient, beard shampoo.


Why not a regular shampoo?

Well, first, the best beard shampoos don’t contain any of those nasty chemicals regular shampoos are made with that strip your hair and skin of their good, natural oils. Second, the hair on your face is more delicate, and needs a product specifically formulated for it.

Between washings, don’t forget to use that all-important brush for grooming -- natural boar bristle brushes are an excellent choice -- to exfoliate your skin, increase blood flow (awesome for your follicles, too!) and brush your treasured fuzzy hair into shape.


Going for a longer beard?

Then choose a natural sandalwood comb, which gives off a great musky scent, or a bakelite comb if you’re into that vintage vibe, to untangle and straighten your hard-earned facial hair.


Now, remember that proper physical hygiene, great nutrition, and a good night’s sleep are also your best allies for a body in top shape, which includes a healthy mane of hair on your scalp and a great-looking beard.


Cheers, my friends, Stay Brave.



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