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Beard Comb | Bakelite

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A great tool to carry in your pocket for some on-the-go beard styling. 

Bakelite was the first plastic made of polymer, a material that is heat-resistant and antistatic. It’s the same material that those old rotary dial phones are made of (your grandma will feel nostalgic and will probably like your beard more). The top of the comb is made of sandalwood, known for its antiseptic, disinfectant and soothing properties (the smell!). It has longer and more spaced-out teeth, more appropriate for denser and longer beards.

  • Anti-static and heat resistant
  • Large teeth won’t damage your beard
  • Will make your grandma like your beard

If the only comb you have is made of plastic, well, you don’t really have a comb; enjoy the static!

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