Want to grow a long beard? You have to read this!

How to grow a long beard

How to grow a long beard

One of the questions that men all around the world and through the ages have asked themselves. It seems simple, but how do I grow a long beard? The secrets have been lost for ages, the only scrolls with that knowledge were destroyed in the great library of Alexandria. However, luckily for you, we have been visited by the spirit of the Great Bearded Man, and he gave us a list of things you can do to speed up the process of growing a long beard.

1. Patience
2. Proper Care
2.1 Brave Routine
2.2 Tame that Beast
3. Testosterone
4. Sleep Is Your Friend
5. Are You Still Trimming Regularly?
6. Conclusion



Man with beard waiting for beard to grow

Ah yes, patience, beard growth’s number one friend. There’s no real shortcut to growing a long beard, the only way is the hard way: months of beard growth. Good things come with time, right?

Beard growth is above all dictated by your genetics. Some guys can grow in a few weeks what others can grow in months. If your beard growth isn’t to your expectation, you can sort of help speed up the process by following these next suggestions.

Proper care 

Beard products for beard growth

One of the things you can do that helps with growing out a long beard, is to properly and consistently take proper care of your skin and beard.

Skin that is too dry and unhealthy will grow hairs that are thinner and more brittle, which doesn’t lead to a nice full beard. Daily use of beard oil is a great start on your road to hairy success. Follow this routine, it really helps with maintaining good facial skin health.

Brave Routine 

  1. Five minutes before the shower, use the boar bristle beard brush to remove all the dead skin cells lodged in your beard, which will allow you to clean your beard in depth with the beard wash.
  2. Wash your beard with the beard wash and leave the lather in your beard for the entirety of your shower.
  3. Five minutes after your shower, and your beard is almost dry (pat dry with a towel or use a hair dry), apply a few drops of beard oil in your hand, rub them together, then reach the skin under your beard (proper beard care starts with skin care), and apply the remainder on the outside of your beard.
  4. Rub a dime-size amount of beard balm between your palms until it melts, then apply it to your beard.
  5. When it dries, it will give more volume to your beard and allow you to shape it.
  6. Finish it off with a good brushing to redistribute the oils across your whole beard.

Tame that beast 

Man with long beard brushing beard

Because you’re trying to grow a long beard, it’s important that you tell it who’s boss right from the start. At least three times in a day, you’ll have to comb or brush your beard in the direction you want it to grow. If not, it will grow up to be wild and it won’t be easy to manage.

For a comb, you should avoid plastic combs at all costs, as they create static electricity in your beard. You should go for either a sandalwood comb or a Bakelite comb. They’re both great alternatives to plastic and they won’t cause static in your beard.

For a brush, start off with the boar bristle brush for the first few months. It works well on shorter beards, but when it starts getting some length and you can’t brush it completely, go for the big beard brush. This brush is amazing for untangling and conditioning your beard, as it is made with synthetic bristles and boar bristles.     


Exercise for beard growth

Testosterone is very important in the process of creating hair cells. This means you might have to start going to the gym to get your blood pumping, as it generates more testosterone in your body. You don’t have to become a world-class bodybuilder for this, just add some physical exercise in your routine, your beard will thank you for it!

It’s also important to eat well, as your body needs certain nutrients to grow healthy hair.  On the topic of testosterone, try incorporating more eggs, tuna, macadamia and brazil nuts, and even coffee (with moderation of course), these food items all naturally increase testosterone production in the body.

Sleep is your friend 

Sleep is important for beard growth

Through the night, your body goes through many processes that help with beard growth, like protein synthesis, growth hormone release, and numerous other ones that are beyond the scope of this article. When sleep deprived, those two processes are decreased, which will then affect the amount of hair your beard follicles will create. Aim for a good 7 to 8 hours of sleep, you’ll even feel better and more awake through the day as a result!

Are you still trimming regularly? 

Trim beard for split-ends

It might seem counter-intuitive to trim your beard regularly when your goal is to grow a long beard. However, if you stop trimming, your split-ends will get worse and you’ll, in turn, lose some beard length. A few times a month, take a bit of time to trim the ends of the hairs to make sure you have no split-ends. Through the day, we all tug at our beard and that can cause even more split-ends.


We understand that you want your long beard to grow really fast, but that’s simply not possible. Your genetics dictate how fast your beard grows, but by taking care of your health, you can help increase the speed at which it grows. Nonetheless, it’s going to take a long time and some dedication, and we’re here to give you more tips if you need them, just reach out to us on Facebook!

Stay Brave!

- Max

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