Beard Oil | Urban Style 60ml

Beard Oil | Urban Style 60ml

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Our Promise

Fertilizer for your beard.

Beard oil is the key product in your beard product arsenal. Ours contains only natural ingredients, with a light and pleasant fragrance.

After a single use, you’ll feel refreshed, and the itchiness you might be feeling will be greatly reduced. So many of our customers reach out saying that this beard oil drastically improved their beard’s appearance and feeling, unlike anything they’ve tried in the past.

Our oil will:

  • Help with beard growth
  • Treat beard itch
  • Soften the beard
  • Hydrate the skin
  • Deal with beard dandruff

Don’t be surprised if total strangers approach you and touch your beard because you look amazing and smell divine. We warned you.

Stay Brave.

Many say this fragrance resembles an aftershave/cologne with its refreshing floral and musky smell, the Urban Style beard oil captures the youthful dynamism of today’s urban male.

Rub a few drops (2-4 for shorter beards, 5-8 for medium beards, 9+ for long beards) in your palms, massage it onto the skin and beard hair, and rub the rest that’s on your hands on other parts of your body for extra hydration. After applying, the oil seeps into the skin and hair very fast, leaving your face feeling hydrated and with no greasy finish.

◦ Almond Oil
◦ Coconut Oil
◦ Grapeseed Oil
◦ Castor Oil
◦ Jojoba Oil
◦ Vitamin E

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