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Looking for a beard balm that will help with styling your beard and keeping it hydrated?
You’ll find everything your beard needs in our premium sculpting beard balm.

Blended delicately by hand, our beard balm only contains the highest quality natural ingredients that will put those rebellious hairs back in order thanks to the medium hold the beeswax provides. The shea butter and the pure vitamin E will hydrate your beard throughout the day, allowing you to rock a perfectly shaped beard.

With a subtle scent of tangerine, lemon, a hint of ginger and teak, the Brave Soul fragrance captures the youthful dynamism of today’s modern man.

After your shower and your beard is dry, simply rub a dime size of the classic beard balm between your palms and apply it smoothly through your beard and moustache.

◦ Beeswax
◦ Shea Butter
◦ Sweet Almond Oil
◦ Castor Oil
◦ Vitamin E
◦ Coconut Oil

Brave & Bearded Products are all Natural

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