Boar Bristle Brush


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The Brave & Bearded bristle brush is stylishly rustic in design and is made from cherrywood and wild boar hair. Cherrywood is a solid and durable material which carries a subtle and pleasant fragrance. The brush measures 11.5 cm X 4.7 cm X 1.7 cm. Because it’s also light in weight and easy to carry, you’ll be able to tend to your beard wherever you may find yourself.


Brushing with a boar bristle brush increases blood flow to the beard follicles and therefore contributes to a strong and healthy growth. By slightly coating each hair strand with a very small amount of our Brave N Bearded beard oil, the boar bristle brush will repair dry facial hair and add a lustrous shine. The use of the brush is essential and plays an important role in eliminating toxins that reside in the beard.

Quick and efficient, this ritual should fit right into your modern man routine. Once you try it, you’ll be instantly addicted to the gentle face massage and healthy look of your beard. Your beard and your partner will thank you for it!


  1. Boar bristle brushing stimulates blood flow to the beard follicles
  2. Boar bristle brushing naturally conditions beard
  3. Boar bristle brushing improves beard texture
  4. Boar bristle brushing reduces frizz


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