Beard Brush | Boar Bristle
Beard Brush | Boar Bristle
Beard Brush | Boar Bristle
Beard Brush | Boar Bristle

Beard Brush | Boar Bristle

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A boar bristle beard brush is one of the most important items in any beard-growers toolkit to achieve a strong and healthy beard.

  • Removes Toxins in your Beard
  • Removes dead skin cells
  • Helps keep the hairs well hydrated and protected
  • Stimulate blood flow for the beard follicles
  • Improves beard texture
  • Ideal for shorter beards

The wild boar hairs in this brush contribute to your beard’s overall health by removing the toxins in your beard, as well as the dead skin cells. These natural hairs redistribute the sebaceous oil produced by the skin and the beard oil to every beard hair, all the way to the skin, which helps in keeping the hairs well hydrated and protected.

Daily use of this brush will help deal with frizz and will stimulate the blood flow to the beard follicles, bringing more nutrients to the hairs.

Quick and efficient, this ritual should fit right into the modern man’s routine. Ideal for shorter beards, the Brave & Bearded boar bristle beard brush will improve your beard’s texture by making the hairs softer.

Pro-tip: if your beard is patchy, brush in circles on the patchy areas until the skin turns red, this will mean that blood is rushing to that area and bringing more nutrients to your follicles. In time, this helps with filling-in a beard.


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