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The perfect beard oil kit for those who are looking to grow out their beard, or fill-in patchy areas.

Our beard oil kit comes with all the essentials one needs to take care of his beard and help grow it out.

Often, the reason your beard isn’t growing, other than genetics, is that your facial skin is too dry, simple as that. Your beard follicles have stopped sending the signal to the brain to grow hair, so let’s open up the valves again.

Our beard oil is an all-natural recipe, designed with the highest quality ingredients to hydrate your skin and hair. Not only will your beard hair be softer, but your skin will also have the nutrients it needs to keep growing your man mane.

The boar bristle beard brush, an essential tool in your beard-growing kit, will redistribute the oils evenly on your skin and hair, and help stimulate blood flow to your follicles, resulting in a healthier growth.

Finally, our beard shampoo will invigorate your skin, and make your beard soft and silky. Conventional shampoos contain damaging ingredients and can impede your beard growing immensely. Don’t touch that stuff. Not even once, man.

This is the ideal gift for your beard or your favourite bearded man if growing out a beautiful beard is the objective.

*Pro-tip: if your beard is patchy, brush in circles on the patchy areas, this will mean that blood is rushing to that area and bringing more nutrients to your follicles. In time, this helps with filling-in a beard.

Our beard oil kits come in three fragrances: Brave Soul, Urban Style, and Wild Nature.

* Kit comes with ONE 30ml bottle of beard oil, ONE 235ml bottle of beard shampoo, and ONE boar bristle brush.

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Beard Oil:
◦ Almond Oil
◦ Coconut Oil
◦ Grapeseed Oil
◦ Castor Oil
◦ Jojoba Oil
◦ Vitamin E

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