Santa Rocks

Yes, you can do it! 

So, how do you become a fashion Santa? First of all, grow that beard to its max!


Even better if the hair on your head and your face is salt and pepper. Or mainly white. Because nobody wants a Santa that sports fake dark hair à la bad Elvis.


To achieve that enviable silky, full beard, make sure you’re using all the right products to take great care of your awesome mass of manliness. Remember everybody loves to kiss Santa!


Don’t know exactly what to choose? Pick up one of our Brave Soul Beard Oil Kits. Hint: It’s also a great gift, and has everything you need to kick off the night in style! Here’s what you’ll find in it:

-A Brave & Bearded Beard and Body Wash, made with only the finest natural ingredients to cleanse and condition your well-earned beard and toned body.

-The Brave Soul Beard Oil, made from sweet almond oil and a soothing cocktail of essential oils, to softens your beard and skin.

-Our exclusive, authentic boar bristle brush to stimulate each hair follicle and give your beard that coveted masculine luster.


Plus, the Brave Soul Fragrance is blended with a hint of natural ginger. Like the Christmas cookies, but a bit sexier!


Now, if you really want to add a lot more hipster attitude to your Christmas Santa look, go for a white Brave and Bearded pure cotton T-shirt to add just the right amount of awesomeness under a red puffer.

Guys let's Be honest ...

It’s not because you’re over 40 that you can’t rock a great beard… And still look hot!


Just ask “Fashion Santa” from the Yorkdale Shopping Centre in Toronto, now in his third incarnation: a cool dude who became a media star when his ‘career’ was launched with the 2015 Christmas season. In the minds of many, Paul Mason is and will always be “the” Fashion Santa.


The sexy white beard is the focal interest of all the photoshoots, while the rosy cheeks have been replaced with chiseled cheekbones, and the little round belly morphed into a flat six-pack -- yes, Fashion Santa does work out.


His wardrobe? Forget about the cheap red velveteen suit. And think instead drop-dead chic sports looks with high-end Italian leather sneakers and burgundy track pants.


Like we said, hot! And terribly trendy, too.


You can go and check out Fashion Santa's social pages.

Twitter: @PaulMasonModel 



Happy Holidays!


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  • Jason Tonnos

    The beard oil is awesome. Works as advertised. The guys are great to chat witj

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