Four Major Facial Hair Styles That You Need to Know!

Everywhere you look, men are wearing their beards proudly. Some would discount it as simply being a passing trend. But when you realize that beards have always been a staple of men’s fashion, it’s hard to believe they will ever go away! Others would like to think that only certain types of men wear beards. But we all know that’s far from true. In 2018, thanks to the power of social media, it’s telling that men from every walk of life, age and careers are sporting facial hair of some sort.


In fact, there’s been a sharp increase in men’s grooming, overall. Hairstyling, hair colouring and aesthetic services dedicated to men’s needs have never been as popular. Long live “manscaping”! This new term may eventually fall out of use, but long gone are the days when a man’s only grooming tools were his trusty electric shaver and some aftershave splashed on carelessly on the way out the door…


Let’s also emphasize that it’s not because men sport a beard that they don’t shave. In fact, bearded men often shave more often than those who don’t like beards, because they want to keep their look sharp and fresh. And for that to happen, clean edges and a well-groomed appearance are a must.


Clean shaven looks

 Clean shaven beard style

This summer (the somewhat timid) return of the mustache and the goatee with their clean-shaven chin or cheeks, are more appealing than ever. And they offer a great alternative in style between the full-on bushy beard and some discreet and elegant facial hair.


To keep this look on point you need a good shaving oil, such as Lemon & Lavender Pre-Shaving Oil. Shaving oils, which are clear, permit you to better see what you are shaving while providing hydration to your skin and facial hair. Careful, though, with oils formulated with argan as they can stain white hairs.


3-day stubble

 3-day stubble beard style

This scruffy beard style always gives an edge to those who wear it. It’s an easy way to get that manly style without having to put the time into growing a full beard. The advantage of this look is that you can change your style very easily and quickly without having to worry about it not turning out perfectly. It’s a great way to experiment with lines and styles all while knowing, that in a few days, and with a little trimming you can start again from scratch.


As with clean shaven looks, a good pre-shaving oil will permit you to properly see what you’re doing while shaping your neck and cheek lines. And they’ll make you smell great, too!


Short beard style

Short beard corporate look

Beyond just adding a rugged style to your look, the short beard can enhance your favourite features while helping you conceal those you like less.  The short beard style is the most versatile and some might say “office-friendly” type of beard. Although requiring a bit more commitment, it’s really easy to maintain and will give you an entirely new look once you decide to grow it out.


In this case, some beard oil and a good quality natural boar bristle beard brush will go a long way towards helping you look well put together, avoid the itching and keep everything healthy and nicely moisturized.


Long beard style

Man with long beard style

If you want to sport a longer beard, it’s a good idea to visit you barber regularly during to growing process to, firstly, give yourself the chance to explore your options while your beard is shorter, and, second, to keep things tidy while the rest grows in. Remember, not all parts of your beard will be the same length as the others, so there is no need to look messy while waiting for the longer parts to grow in, and never forget to shave those line clean and sharp.


Between visits to your barber, a beard comb combined with the above-mentioned oil and brush will keep your beard soft, healthy, and hydrated, while helping avoid knots.


Shaving is part of a man’s grooming regiment. Be brave and give all these beard styles a try while traveling the bearded highway. Cheers, man!

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