Which Beard Style Suits Me: Round Faces

Beard Styles for Round Faces


There are many types of face shapes, and in your case, your genetics gave you a round face. So, what does that mean for you? Do you HAVE to pick a beard style that only fits round faces? Are you forever bound to a handful of beard styles?

Absolutely not. You can sport any style you want, but there are some beard styles that suit round faces a bit better. The idea is that you should look for beard styles that complement your facial features well, not accentuate them. You can either let your beard grow out and shape it afterward to a style you like or pick one of the beard styles we listed in this article.

The big question is: would you prefer a short, medium, or long beard?


1. Short Beard Styles for Round Faces
1.1 Classic Goatee
1.2 Chin Strap
1.3 Balbo
1.4 Stubble
2. Medium Beard Styles for Round Faces
2.1 Short Boxed Beard
2.2 Corporate Beard
2.3 Ducktail
2.4 French Fork
3. Long Beard Styles for Round Faces
3.1 Old Dutch
3.2 Yeard
4. Conclusion


Short beard styles for round faces

Here’s our selection of short beard styles for round faces. Short beards are typically the easiest to maintain because you can simply use an electric razor with a guard to trim the stray hairs and equalize the length.


Classic Goatee

The classic goatee is a timeless beard style that is easy to maintain and gives you a great look. If you want to try this style, just let your beard grow for a few weeks then shave the beard hair off your cheeks and upper lip.

Beard Styles for Round Faces - Classic Goatee


Chin Strap

The chin strap is another beard style that suits round faces really well because it seems to slim down the facial features. It’s also very easy to maintain, which is a plus for guys who are too busy to take the time to maintain their beard.

Beard Styles for Round Faces - Chin Strap



A spin on the classic goatee. Add more flair to your beard style by growing out your moustache. The chin area will contrast with your facial features, removing the attention from the roundness. As for the moustache, you can go for the classic “chevron” style.

Beard Styles for Round Faces - Balbo


Stubble is by far the easiest beard style to maintain, as you only need an electric razor with a guard to keep it on point. You can go shorter or longer, a whole world of opportunity awaits! Darker colors give the impression of slimming down, meaning this is perfect for a round face.

Beard Styles for Round Faces - Stubble

Medium beard styles for round faces

These beard styles will take a bit more dedication because you have to let your beard grow a tad longer. Make sure you use beard oil, beard shampoo, and a beard brush to ensure your beard and skin are healthy, which will encourage the growth. You’ll also need a good pair of beard scissors to keep your beard in shape. If you’re struggling with stray hairs, beard balm will become your best friend, especially that your beard is longer.


Short boxed beard

A great beard style to look into for a round face, because it has a squarer shape, this complements the round facial features. It’s a shorter style than the full beard, without hair on the cheeks. It’s basically a chin strap with a full goatee.

Beard Styles for Round Faces - Short Boxed Beard


Corporate beard

The corporate beard is similar to the short boxed beard, but with hair on the cheeks. Same thing with that beard style, the square look will be perfect for a round face.

Beard Styles for Round Faces - Corporate Beard


This beard style is great for round faces because it is pointy at the bottom, which complements those facial features. It’s like a full beard but with the cheeks trimmed down a bit. It’s a very sophisticated look!

Beard Styles for Round Faces - Ducktail

French fork

Instead of only having one point on your beard, you have two, which doubles the sophistication, or so they say. Who’s “they”? I digress... For this style, you’ll need a decent amount of beard balm to help it keep this shape throughout the day. Think about carrying a comb on you to style it

Beard Styles for Round Faces - French Fork

Long beard styles for round faces

You’ll need a few months of beard growth to get to these beard styles. Especially the yeard, which is a whole year of growth. Here are two great long beard styles for round faces.


Old Dutch

As you can see with the Old Dutch, it’s squared at the bottom. This is a good fit for a rounder face. You’ll definitely need a pair of beard scissors to keep this beast in check.

Beard Styles for Round Faces - Old Dutch


This is the ultimate facial shape neutralizer. When you rock a yeard, no one will know what facial shape you have, not even yourself.

Beard Styles for Round Faces - Yeard


These are only suggestions for a round face, you can still explore different styles to see what you prefer and what looks best on you. If you need help choosing a style please reach out to us via our Facebook page, we’ll gladly take the time to help you out!

Stay Brave!

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