Spring Cleaning for Your Beard!

Beard Maintenance After Winter

Yes, the winter has been long and harsh – particularly if you’re blessed to live in the cold North-East. But now that the snow is starting to melt, it’s time to get out of your man cave and leave the hibernating behind you. Since you’ll be getting out and about and facing people once again, you’d better get that beard in check for the Spring – we all know what spring is about. ;o)


1. Cleaning
2. Trimming
3. Grooming



Beard shampoo

As the temperatures warm up, you might notice an increase in sebum production (essentially, oilier skin), so it’s super important to make sure your facial hair is clean and smells great, too. We recommend a natural-based soap that won’t strip your beard of all its great natural oils. It’s one thing to clean away excess oil, it’s another to strip it dry, which makes grooming harder and makes your skin itchier. Have a look at our exclusive formula of Beard Shampoo and Body Wash. It contains only natural organic plant extracts which provide natural moisture and leaves an invigorating, fresh fragrance.




You might be wondering: “Is it time to trim my beard down a bit, now that the weather is getting warmer?” Great question! But, not so fast, my friend…


If you’ve already done the work and grown yourself a monument to manhood that you’re very proud of, spring can be a good time to explore something new. If you’ve been doing all your own grooming while your beard grew in, now might be a good opportunity to explore and find a good barber near you that is skillful and experienced at beard trims and shaping. A professional barber can be your ally and help you explore the full potential of your face’s best friend.


Many guys grow a beard during winter to act as a natural scarf that protects the bottom part of their face from the cold. Remember how Spring is, there’s always a last winter storm that hits, so don’t trim down your natural face protection just yet!


 Beard trimming

On the other hand, if you’ve just started down the beard road, make sure you have a look at our 4 step program for successful beard growth, to avoid some of the heartaches that can occur along the way toward having a big, bushy kickass beard. Make sure you have the right grooming products and tools to make your journey to a summer beard that much more fruitful.



With spring comes not only warmer temperature, but higher humidity. Gentlemen, we’ve all heard what women think about humidity and hair…. Since beard hair tends to be coarser and curlier, it can have an even greater impact on it. The effect varies by location and climate; it’s up to you to experiment with what works best for you.

 Wild Nature Beard Oil

Generally speaking, it’s a good idea to cut back a little on the amount of beard oil you use, start with two to three drops. If you need extra moisture, try adding a little beard balm. If you’re suffering from flyaways, that beard balm can help tame them while improving the shape of your beard and its texture.

 Wild Nature Beard Balm & Sandalwood Comb

Make sure to brush or comb your beard regularly. This will keep all the natural oils and grooming products well distributed and keep you looking fresh. The massage it provides will stimulate the circulation in your skin and help your beard grow in fuller, faster, and healthier. Check out our selection of combs and brushes




And whatever you do, stay Brave and remember to have fun! 


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    I love the comb and the beard and body wash .it’s almost time to get more I’m almost out .great stuff

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