Get Movember right!


Up to the challenge to grow a moustache this month and make a difference in a man’s life? By showing off all the manliness on your face, you’re not only flaunting a great ‘stache, but you’re also reminding the people in your life, and the ones you cross on the street, the importance of men’s health.

Because Movember is one of the only charities worldwide tackling men’s health on a global scale, year-round, and addressing some of the biggest health issues facing men: prostate and testicular cancers, as well as mental health and suicide prevention.

But before it became a Foundation (link:, the Movember movement started way back in 2003 with two guys in Australia joking about bringing the moustache back as a fashion trend.

Inspired by a friend’s mother, who was involved in raising money for breast cancer, they decided to create a campaign to focus on men’s health and prostate cancer. All the guys who were willing to take up the challenge to grow a moustache were charged ten dollars.

Since those humble beginnings over a few beers, Movember has grown exponentially!

There are now official campaigns in over 20 countries. In 2007, Canada became actively involved with the Movember Foundation, and since 2003 more than CAD $677 million have been raised globally to fund over one thousand men’s health programs.

Just do it!

Whatever the size and shape of your moustache, get involved this November to inspire change, conversations and donations! Just remember that a little facial hair goes a long way.

Here are a few Brave & Bearded tips to getting your Movember right:

Don’t: Shave. Well, OK that was a given! ;-)

Do: Get a great mustache comb. Your ‘stache will look more natural and easier to control if you start combing it every day. It also helps ‘train’ your moustache to lay the way you want it to, and keeps fly-away hairs out of the way. Comb a few times a day to keep it looking clean and handsome – just like you!

Do: Start using a good moustache wax to style and maintain every day your welldeserved facial hair. Choose one made with good, wholesome ingredients like bees wax, shea butter and organic essential oils. Your follicles and skin will thank you!

Be Brave, and go for Movember this year!

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