Beard Balm vs. Beard Oil: What’s the Difference?

The Difference Between Beard Balm and Beard Oil



So at this point, you’re interested in beard products. That’s great, we support your decision to take care of your beard.

There are so many types of different beard products out there, it’s difficult to grasp just what your beard would need.

We’re here to fix that.

The most common grooming products are definitely beard balm and beard oil.

They both serve a purpose, and in this article, we’ll explain it all to you.

If you don’t have time to read the whole article, well just your luck, I made this little infographic that details some of the main differences.

You’re a man of action, and we support that as well.

Alright, less talky, more showy.

Main Differences Between Beard Balm and Beard Oil

1. Beard Balm vs. Beard Oil: The Difference
1.1 The Ingredients
1.2 The Purpose
2. Why Use Beard Oil
2.1 Hydrate Your Skin & Beard (Reduce Dandruff)
2.2 Treat Ingrown Hairs & Pimples
2.3 Make Your Beard Softer
2.4 Soothe Itchiness
2.5 Help Your Beard Grow
3. Why Use Beard Balm
3.1 Style Your Beard & Control Stray Hairs
3.2 Soften It Up
3.3 Hydrate Your Beard
4. Why Use Balm AND Oil


There are two main differences between these two staple products: the ingredients and the purpose.

The ingredients

The obvious difference between these two products, at least the most apparent, is when you look at them. Beard Oil is exactly that -- oil. It comes in liquid form in a bottle with an eyedropper that lets you precisely control the amount you use each time.

Beard balm, on the other hand, is a thicker, somewhat solid, product that comes in an open container as to allow you to easily select the amount of product you want to use with your fingertips. The reason it is solid is that it contains beeswax, which solidifies when it dries.

The purpose

This is THE real difference between beard balm and beard oil. They both serve a different purpose.

Beard oil is recommended for any beard length, as its sole purpose is to condition the skin.

Beard balm is more recommended for beards that are a bit longer when you start having stray hairs. It acts as a hair pomade, but for your beard (duh!), it styles it.

Now, you know the difference between both products, although at a low resolution.

Here’s the bigger picture of what each product can do for you.



Hydrate your skin and beard (reduce dandruff)

Skin dryness and beard dandruff are one of the biggest reasons why to use beard oil.

It’s made with, at least ours is, 6 natural oils specifically chosen for their benefits to the skin and hair. No chemicals, no silicone, just good stuff.

These oils will give your skin the nutrients it needs to heal and hydrate itself, which helps reduce the amount of beard dandruff. Ultimately, it helps with beard growth, but more on that later.

With your skin being healthier, you’ll have fewer issues going forward. They typically happen when you slack on your beard care.

You need to water your lawn if you want it to grow well, metaphorically speaking.

A few drops a day is all you need.

Treat ingrown hairs and pimples

Those typically appear when there is excess bacteria on your skin.

They crawl up in your pores and follicles, infecting them. Puss, inflammation, itchiness…

If there’s something strange, in your beardhood. Who you gonna call? BEARD OIL!

Some of the ingredients in the recipe have antiseptic and antibacterial properties.

Using your beard oil every day will greatly help with reducing the bacteria on your skin, therefore less ingrown hairs and pimples.

Make your beard softer

You can thank the jojoba oil for that. It has amazing effects for the beard hair.

After a shower, the hairs are usually pretty wiry.

When you’ve applied the oil to your skin, then use the rest that’s on your hands to coat your hairs with oil.

Your beard hairs will be softer and more supple.

Soothe itchiness

Have you ever had a moment where your beard was itchy and you applied beard oil?

Your face must’ve looked like this:

Beard Itchiness

If you’ve never had that experience, you will when you start using our oil.

Your skin gets itchy when your skin gets too dry or when the hairs are short enough to still touch your face.

Daily use of beard oil can definitely help soothe, and even prevent, that dreaded beard itch.

Help your beard grow

This is often THE reason why people use beard oil in the first place.

However, take note that beard oil can’t make your beard grow if you’re not genetically prone to have a hairy face.


If you are, and you’re not taking good care of your facial skin, then it can definitely help you.

Overly dry skin will produce unhealthy and brittle hair. Using oil every day will make sure your skin is at its best, therefore assuring you’re giving it what it needs to properly produce hairs.

You still have to stimulate your follicles with a boar bristle brush if you want to start filling-in patchy areas, but having healthy skin is the first step.



Style your beard and control stray hairs

This is typically the main reason why men use beard balm. They’re growing out their beard and now it’s looking all crazy and unruly. They can brush it and comb it all they want, but some hairs simply won’t fall into place.

Take your can of beard balm, scratch some with your thumb’s nail, melt it in your palm by rubbing your hands together, then apply it in your beard. Finish with a good brushing, and BAM, you have a beautifully styled beard.

The beeswax in the balm will help style your beard, sort of how a hair pomade would.

Soften it up

Beard hair is usually coarser than your hair, although some guys have a really soft beard.

Using some beard balm will greatly help in softening up your beard, making it much more enjoyable for your significant other.

No more feeling like they’re cuddling up to a cactus.

The beeswax helps with the texture, but the shea butter is the real hero here.

Hydrate your beard

Vitamin E, Shea butter, and the cocktail of natural oils in the balm help keep the beard hairs well-hydrated throughout the day.



Although the title of the article might make it seem like you have to pick on or the other, oil and balm are complementary products.

The oil is made to condition (mainly) the skin under the beard to ensure healthy growth, and the balm is for styling the beard and hydrating it.

By using both, you’re giving your beard what it needs to reach its full potential.

On the topic of healthy beard growth, you still have to use a proper beard shampoo to clean and nourish your beard, and a boar bristle brush to remove the dead skin cells and stimulate blood flow to your follicles, but that’s beyond the scope of this article. You can learn about the full beard treatment here.

Stay Brave!

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  • Pascal Lavergne-Biron

    Totally agree with this article. My beard thanks you for your amazing product and will never go back to popular/commercial brand.

    I personally use both Balm and Oil. Both are a most if you grow a heavy/long beard like my Castro style beard.

    One small tip: once you washed your beard (I use Brave & Bearded beard wash), dry and straight it with a hair blower at low heat and a round hair brush. Once done, apply beard oil. Wait for at least 30 minutes, if you can, before you apply the balm to let the oil make his magic.

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